Our Mission

For those who knew Tom, better known as TP, they know the story of how he lost his leg: eighteen years old, riding his motorcycle, he was hit by a truck in downtown San Francisco.  He was rushed to SF General Hospital and after multiple surgeries his lower leg was amputated.  Living with a prosthetic didn’t change him one bit.  He was back on a motorcycle in no time, attended college parties, returned to work and married his girlfriend Janet. Tom enjoyed playing basketball or being in the pool with his kids, Christopher & Nicole.  He adapted his lifestyle so that the prosthetic was just another piece of his daily wardrobe.  So much so that he had custom legs to fit not 1, but 2 pairs of cowboy boots.  TP had a soft spot for anyone faced with needing a prosthetic.

The mission of the Tom Perkins Legacy Foundation is to continue TP’s tradition of generosity and support to those individuals whom have been affected by the loss of a limb, helping continue a standard and quality of life similar to that before their respective injury.  TPLF sets forth to raise funds for specialized secondary prosthetics to help patients in the extended Marin, San Francisco & San Mateo Counties – whether it be a specialized leg for running or accommodating high heels, or a parent needing a custom arm to accommodate a baseball glove to play catch with his or her child.   TP never let his prosthetic prevent him from taking advantage of life’s offerings, and through the Tom Perkins Legacy Foundation, we hope to allow many others to do the same.

With Love,

The TPLF Team: Nicole, Christopher & Janet Perkins, Sgt. Eric Batchelder & Mark Sangervasi