nicole perkins, Chairperson

Nicole is Tom Perkins’ daughter. Nicole was raised in the Bay Area and received her Communications degree from the University of San Diego. Nicole has inherited her father’s vivacious personality and has a great reputation for hard work and results in her professional industry of event planning. Having been raised the daughter of an amputee, Nicole has the perspective of understanding the importance that a well fitting, specialized prosthetic can play in an individual’s overall quality of life. Nicole has the dedication to honor her father’s memory by enriching others’ lives through the mission and work of the Tom Perkins Legacy Foundation.

christopher perkins, president

Christopher, Tom Perkins’ son, is Tom’s eldest child and is, at the family’s business, known as “The Fourth Generation." Christopher graduated from USF, his father and grandfather’s alma mater, is married to his high school sweetheart and is father to two young boys. Currently, Christopher helps oversee all daily Dudley Perkins Company dealership operations and handles all internet and social media for the company. At home, and through the business, Christopher was raised aware of his father’s dedication to mentoring others who were faced with the loss of a limb and his encouragement that they would be able to live their lives just as fully after amputation as they had previously. Christopher feels honored that his roll in the Tom Perkins Legacy Foundation will continue to honor that mission.

janet perkins, sec/treas/cfo

Janet and Tom Perkins began dating before high school and were married 38 years when Tom passed away. Tom was in a catastrophic motorcycle accident when the two were eighteen years old and Janet saw first hand Tom’s dedication to his recovery, the challenges he faced along the way, and the full life he enjoyed after amputation. Throughout their marriage, Tom devoted time to share with others his experience to help give them encouragement to face their own challenges with amputation and recovery - a service of Tom’s that filled Janet with pride. Knowing that the ability to continue some activities and/or retaining levels of self worth can be reliant on specialized prosthetics that are uncovered by insurance, Janet believes the Tom Perkins Legacy Foundation is a wonderful opportunity to honor her husband and continue his mission to help others.

Sgt. Eric Batchelder, vice president

Eric is a San Francisco Police Department Sergeant and Bay Area native. Eric lost his leg in a tragic motorcycle accident in San Francisco in 2005. Tom visited Eric in the hospital during his initial recovery to provide support, perspective and encouragement that the loss of his leg need not prohibit Eric from continuing to do whatever it was he wanted to do and to live as fully as he would have otherwise. Eric Batchelder proved to be a strong and inspirational individual in his own right; working diligently to regain the physical and mental strength needed to return to his position with the SFPD within two years. Today, Eric is a SFPD Sergeant, a husband and father who, himself, donates time to encouraging others faced with amputation that they can live their lives fully. Sgt. Batchelder is a supporter of our mission and has generously agreed to join us by helping to promote our event and in the selection of our monetary award recipients.

mark sangervasi, vice president

Mark is Marin County native, long time Dudley Perkins Company customer and motorcycle enthusiast, and a friend of Tom Perkins. Mark had suffered from chronic severe and debilitating pain in his foot following injury for years requiring prescription medicine for daily comfort. Tom encouraged Mark to take action to eliminate pain which would require amputation, but would enable Mark to regain control and enjoyment of his life by allowing him to be fitted with a prosthetic that would function as his own foot had ceased to do. Today, Mark believes that the surgery has allowed him to return to the activities he loves. Mark is in support of our mission, agrees with the need, and believes that the Tom Perkins Legacy Foundation will be a wonderful way to honor the life of his long time friend. We believe that Mark’s perspective will help us in selecting an appropriate monetary award recipient each year and he will be an enthusiastic advocate of the Foundation’s mission.